Nightlife culture in Jungbusch

If you want to experience Mannheim from its authentic side, go to Jungbusch! Due to its proximity to the adjoining commercial port, Jungbusch used to be a working-class and sack-bearer district. But the area has transformed itself from a disreputable red-light district into a trendy nightlife district!

Jungbuschstrasse is practically the epicenter of the district of the same name. This is where you go to eat in the Kombüse, Admiral Nelson watches you dance and everyone knows Uncle Otto and Maria.

Right in the middle and no less famous: the Hagestolz. The vintage living room charm of this bar is as extraordinary as the drinks served here.

The Maria Bar on the corner of Jungbuschstraße and Beilstraße also satisfies high mixological demands, where bartender Thomas Heitkamp offers over 100 types of gin and what feels like just as many tonic waters. If you like gin, you'll love Maria!

If you are more into hops and malt, you will be happy in Mannheim's first craft beer bar, Taproom Jungbusch. From Tuesday to Saturday, various types of craft beer are served here on tap, as well as 24 types in bottles.

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The beat of the squares

Mannheim nights don't necessarily have to be Jungbusch nights. On the other side of the ring around the squares, just a few minutes' walk from Jungbusch, is another Mannheim club classic.

For two decades now, SOHO has been hosting musically diverse parties from Monday to Saturday - for an equally diverse audience. The premises themselves can look back on an even longer history as a party location with changing names!

A club "as friendly and entertaining as its namesake" is located near Mannheim's water tower. The Chaplin Club is a design homage to the vintage charm of the Roaring Twenties.

Every partygoer in Mannheim knows the saying: "Zimmer always works." Because Das Zimmer covers a wide musical spectrum: from hip hop and R'n'B, funk and disco classics to house and 90s pop.

At some point, it is finally time for the Mannheim club classic par excellence: the Tiffany, which locals like to call simply "Tiff". Founded back in the late 1960s, this club still impresses today with its consistent door policy, a harmoniously mixed crowd ranging from "young" to "mature", excellent sound, a good bar and equally good DJs.

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